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Welcome to PaperCon 2018 April 15-18 in Charlotte, North Carolina

Mar 12, 2018


TAPPI's PaperCon 2018 brings together paper and packaging professionals from around the world.

Developed by technical professionals and business leaders in the paper, board, and nonwovens industries, PaperCon 2018 will offer technical sessions that provided tangible takeaways to solve many technical challenges. Attendees will be able to find solutions to improve efficiency, identify fiber and chemical costs savings, and improve product quality.
The Committees of TAPPI Volunteers worked diligently to put the technical programs together. They built content based on industry trends, the latest innovations, and attendee interests.
Details have been posted on the individual program pages including Papermaking Innovations, Papermaking Additives, Fluid Fundamentals, Control Systems, NETInc, TAPPI/IDCON Reliability & Maintenance, and the Recycled Paperboard Technical Association. Check back for updates as more programs become finalized including PIMA Management and Coating & Graphic Arts

Meet our representatives during the days or listening to their presentations in the PIMA Management track, M5 - Digital Trends as Business Enablers.

Maria Karlström, MOPSsys, Systems engineer will talk about:
Industry 4.0 trends help mills improve Their Process Information Management
Pulp and Paper industry companies have initiatives about Digitalization today in parallel with centralization and harmonization. Digitalization is the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities; Industry 4.0/Industrial Internet Innovation and recent technologies moving to digital business brings new opportunities to helps mills in their Process Information management. The key role with digitalization remains in integrating mill energy, quality, cost, product and process data to provide relevant information to the organization in order to maximise mill resources by: 
- providing a clear description of different data flow throughout the process.
- supporting the cost efficiency improvement of the mills
- Monitoring the production efficiency deviations compared to target or standard values.
- Increasing operator and management awareness of quality, environment, cost and energy efficiency.
We illustrate how Pulp and Paper mills in North America and Europe in adapting latest Industry 4.0 trends could with proven knowledge and competence deliver efficient and reliable information to save time and money with example from the energy area.
An Industry 4.0 capable real-time information system combining time-based and product-based data with Smart Analytic built in functions is essential guide to user’s daily decisions. Previous manual analysis will be replaced by prediction and intelligent notifications driven by the data behaviour, role, situation or production plan. We show how the energy management solution is based on a model that is adapted to the mill requirements. This is done by additional configuration of digitalization services and the result show how the mill is maximizing the use of their existing information systems at the mill. Another important corresponding area is the power of integration to other systems via modern internet friendly protocols using the openness of the information system to collect data, compute and share both functions and data.

Tomas Sandin, MOPSsys, Sales & Delivery manager will represent Johan Engman from SSG, Sweden. He will talk about:
Third Trusted Party IoT platforms - The Future Enabler for Data Exchange, Benchmarking and Value Added Services
By collecting industries and highlighting common challenges and then trying to create common solutions, things can be done effectively. Data and information are a key part of digitization and there are great values in all the data generated. However, most customers/suppliers do not take this opportunity to the fullest extent today, and security and privacy issues about data become important. SSG has been working on standardization for more than 50 years and in the analogue world has been a “Third Trusted
Party” and sees that this role will be important even in the digitized world. SSG has therefore developed an IOT platform for industrial data that creates opportunities for different parties to exchange information. Instead of building point-to-point solutions, standardized interfaces are developed. This means that if A and B exchange information today, the transition for A to C becomes significantly easier.
It can also as a “Third Trusted Party” either anonymize or pseudonymize data when needed. This means that the data owner will always be in control of his data but through the IoT platform let other players create values that can be returned, such as by offering a sandbox environment for big data analyzes in the future. The possibilities are great and SSG has developed a service already in operation for automatic cistern monitoring developed according to these principles and currently being rolled out in the Swedish
Forestry industry.

Full program to Papercon can be found in www.papercon.org.

See you in Charlotte!

Hans Hallin, CEO