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Process Diary

Process Diary

One of the biggest challenges in the mill today is the overabundance of data.  This includes data from the various computer systems and electronic databases, but also data that resides in various written log books throughout the mill. LogBook ties together the important and critical operational comments with process-related events.  Using MOPS LogBook, users can access any comment in any part of the mill, and link it to any process-related parameter.

MOPS LogBook is very flexible and easily configurable.  Depending on personal preference, it can show trend charts with highlights that are associated with notes by operators and supervisors, lost time events and the reasons for them, or just list the comments for that area.


- Centralized recording of comments and notes that relates operations experience to on-line operational data.

- Searching for specific incidences of text is simple and quick.  Additionally, these notes can be categorized for easy search and filtering by type, status and categories.

- Individual books can be easily customized for shifts, departments, paper lab, IT help desk.

- LogBook notes can be signed  off as well as assigned to specific departments/groups for follow up on issues.

MOPS LogBook provides a central place for keeping human responses to events such as production losses or equipment problems.  It can be used by operators to make notes regarding maintenance needs, operational issues, actions or suggestions for quality improvements. It’s an invaluable tool for senior management to keep abreast of operating problems and procedures.