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Browser based Trend and Dashboard

MOPS 4.0 is a web-based interface to view Historian process data

  • 4th generation of MOPS
  • The MOPS 4.0 GUI is web-browser based, and modern browsers like Edge and Chrome are supported
  • Easy for the user to create trend views and dashboards using basic widgets
  • More complex dashboards can be created using “Templating” widgets
  • New platform for MOPS applications
  • Based on responsive design - resize and reorganize widgets (components) on screen according to the device size
  • Get mobile use the new MOPS 4.0 on the go


Trend functionalities

  • Graph, Data and Statistics in different tabs
  • Graph presentation as lines, columns/bars, area, …
  • Multiple rulers that affects Data and Statistics Tabs
  • Zoom in to selected period
  • Column trend presentation with automatic coloring depending on region/target
  • Multiple X-scales / time scales

Dashboard functionalities

  • Presentation of basic widgets
  • Gauges (classic+modern)
  • Trends
  • Trend statistics
  • Tables
  • Number
  • Machine state
  • Counter
  • Web-pages (iframe)
  • Profile view (Optional)
  • Profile map (Optional)