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Every mill is different. Returns on investment can be made in a number of areas from costs savings in the process to spreading out the knowledge base by the consolidation and distribution of data on a millwide and enterprise-wide basis. Our customers have reported returns of 1% yield improvement, 2% chemical savings, and 2% reduction in offgrade products. Of course, we cannot guarantee that your mill achieves the same numbers but we can certainly guarantee that MOPS will give you the right tools to move you in the right direction.

MOPSsys can establish the Manufacturing Information Warehouse for your mill to: • Improve customer service • Reduce quality losses • Increase production • Support corporate ERP systems • Improve production flexibility • Reduce lost time • Support environmental control and reporting • Reduce raw material costs • Reduce energy costs • Reduce chemical costs

You don’t. MOPS system is a full service, total package system but if you already have a process database, great, so you don’t need ours. However, what are you doing in terms of applications? MOPS is a Manufacturing Information Warehouse that has specialized applications for automating production loss time reporting (PLA), analyzing paper and bale quality information (PQIS, BQIS), evaluating and reporting quality production statistics (QPS), and tracking machine equipment performance (MET).

MOPSsys is focused only on the pulp and paper industry. We have extensive knowledge of the problems that modern mills face so we can offer well-proven solutions at a cost-effective price. Our customers value our experience and guidance in implementing systems at their mills because we understand their business. We provide everything from the process database to the specific applications in the mill that can help you make money.

MOPS uses the Windows platform, both native Win32 and the .NET Framework. MOPS provides the user with a common, easy-to-use, well defined, and object-oriented interface for data from a variety of different sources. MOPS core functions are built on COM/DCOM (Component Object Model/Distributed Component Object Model) technology but the functions of the system can also be accessed using a Web Service. This provides MOPS with transparent communication and makes MOPS accessible from both the Windows and other platforms.

Yes, definitely. Our MOPS Excel Add-in provides access to both the real-time data and relational data from our Manufacturing Information Warehouse. Additionally, MOPS also has improved support for RAD (Rapid Application Development) tools such as VB (Visual Basic), access to live MOPS data via the web, and development tools using ADO (ActiveX Data Object) for reporting purposes.

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