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Notification via Condition Monitoring Service

MOPS 4.0 Condition Monitoring Service (CMS)

  • MOPS 4.0 Dashboard and Trend is central to give an overview and navigation in time
  • Configured via MOPS 4.0 GUI
  • Dispatch messages based on configured condition (Values of tags) to send notification
  • Mandatory acknowledge and escalation of alerts if needed - configurable
  • Select channel individually for notification
  • Role based settings of subscribers for information, use templates for messages
  • Multiple subscribers possible per alert
  • Easy to setup and maintain for different purposes in the process via MOPS 4.0 GUI
  • Share information inside- outside the mill
  • Traceability to log all events and messages


Example of use cases:

  • Equipment/Tank level monitoring
  • Share chemical information with suppliers
  • Ad-hoc supervise equipment during start-up
  • Threshold monitoring of alarm limits
  • Notify on maintenance situations i.e. PM shut-down or other situations
  • Use calculated values or predicted values as base for condition settings
  • KPI monitoring to dive into details if deviations
The CMS function can be configured for many purposes. Unlimited conditions and subscribers are allowed per site.
E2E integrations to 3rd party systems can be managed as customization and are treated as link integrations with separate license.