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Project Management

Project Management

A common project management process is needed to ensure that all MOPSsys projects are planned, controlled and efficiently executed in order to reach defined results, such as fulfill quality targets and approval criteria. MOPSsys Project Management (MPM) is the well-defined MOPSsys process for project management.

MOPSsys maintains a team of specialized project managers who use MPM to achieve consistent, repeatable results and ever-increasing quality. Standardized tools are used to provide better project planning and cost tracking for executing projects on time and within budget.

Each MOPS solution is defined by business need and target environment. Our MOPSsys team will handle everything from initial strategy and planning through final implementation and support. MOPS is your core information system in the mill, MOPSsys will undertake the responsibility of being prime contractor for the planning, design, implementation and management of an integrated millwide solution, combining all relevant hardware, operating systems, and software applications operating in the mill.

MPM is supporting PPS (practical project management).