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Our vision at MOPSsys is:

"Turning data into useful information"

When you look at who we are and how we fit, you can assure yourself that you are entrusting your millwide and enterprise-wide systems to people that know the pulp and paper industry. With hundreds MOPS system worldwide, we have continuously focused on bringing value-added applications and solutions to our customers so that they can focus on their business of making pulp and paper.

Our technologies are advanced and our goal is clear:

MOPSsys endeavors to apply the best technology available so that pulp and papermakers can achieve the greatest benefits from their mills and enterprise.

We want you to be delighted with your MOPS installation. So, right at the start, we help you define your high-payback applications, and we configure your MOPS system to run them. Consequently, your results pay for the system in months, not years. Here are some key benefits reported to us by our many MOPS users:

  • Decreased product variability
  • Reduced off-spec product
  • Lower materials losses
  • Lower chemical costs
  • Higher process efficiency
  • Higher personnel efficiency
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower energy costs
  • Tighter environmental control