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Paper Quality

Paper Quality

MOPS Paper Quality Information System (PQIS) is a unique Manufacturing Information Warehouse (MIW) that integrates event-based or object related data for jumbo reels, sets and rolls with time-based lab and process data coming from the process database (MOPS Historian or a third party database). PQIS adds value to your quality system as it is vitally important to understand the process conditions that resulted in on-spec or off-quality product in order to further improve quality.

In short, PQIS is the manager for paper quality information throughout the MOPS system. It saves your mill both the effort and the time involved in defining a complete quality information system. Below are a few examples of some of the specific modules available in PQIS for papermakers who want more than just data, they want useful information.

PQIS  Applications

This is the data manager of paper quality information throughout the PQIS system. It creates jumbo reels records, receives properties from many sources, detects events, calculates statistics on batch, reel or set level, performs limit checks, and maintains the historical database of reel, set and roll data. Output of selected information can be directed to any system.

The extended PQIS contains roll handling communication and automatic roll classification functions (in three modes: on-line preliminary, pre winder or post winder mode). The classification function projects the calculation results against the planned rolls/sets within the jumbo reel. The calculations are considering specification limits, lab data, process data, attributes and scan profiles. This function also supports optimization features with swapping rolls and changing trim patterns to optimize quality output.

This module includes all functions necessary to define and maintain properties, grades, specification limits and user access rights. Powerful features simplify creating new or modifying existing specifications. Features supported include: version and audit control, creation and last used dates. Maintenance of the specifications can be done by quality or by property. This enables changes for a specific property on a number of grades simultaneously.

The Reel Tracking function keeps track of jumbo reels all the way from the paper machines through to the winder in a multi-machine production line, taking in-process inventories between machines into consideration. This function records abnormal or manual activity on a reel of paper (e.g. slab-offs, patches, splices, splits, etc.) which allows you to view relevant data for the jumbo reel. Furthermore, the Reel Tracking application also allows the mill to keep track of key data such as waste on a departmental or line level.

The Autolab system resides in one or several autonomous PCs for managing all lab input coming from automatic on-line sensors or laboratory equipment. The laboratory user selects what jumbo reel to test and what instrument to perform the test on. The system guides the user through the testing sequence and returns the data to the PQIS system after approval.


Using this display, the operator can view reel-based quality and process data including expanded profiles. It shows the last reels produced together with reel length, grade and other important information.

Using this display the operator can view reel-based quality, process data statistics and snapshots describing the current run. The display is updated as the run progresses. Previous runs of the same grade can also be requested.

It shows scan, reel, set and roll profiles. Last, minimum, maximum and standard deviation profiles can be calculated and displayed among other statistics. Lab profiles can be displayed together with QCS scanned profiles.

Using time stamped profiles, reel, set and roll data, this display shows information on profile images color-coded according to grade or customer specifications. Supports zoom functions and presentation of overlaid trim patterns and defect/hole data.

These results are presented on a roll level together with roll data. Optimization features such as swap rolls are supported.

This quality control display provides manual data entry and master display capabilities for administration of lab tests made at reel or set level. Both single data and lab profile data are handled. Supports limit checks and easily configurable for different departments.

Quality Control of Incoming Raw Materials and Competitors test data.

The Quality Follow-up tool – Customer Order Roll (COR), is used for customer claims etc. With an easy to use search/filter functionality you can combine diffrent kind of information like: – Customer Order info, – Lab data, – Process data, – Profiles (Scan & Lab), – Reel Image, – Defect Map and Roll values/Roll Classification to understand and give feedback to production, sales and customers.