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MOPS OCT Online Cost Tracking

MOPS OCT Online Cost Tracking

Relate Production Cost information with key Quality information!

MOPS Online Cost Tracking (OCT) allows you to automatically calculate a cost on what you are producing, and also calculate cost on lost production due to machine shuts etc.  Cost information can be calculated on Jumbo Reel, Production Run, Grade, Roll and Order, Period (e.g. day, month year) and can be combined and presented together with any Quality or Process information in MOPS.

Production information like Jumbo reel data, Flow meter measurements and Electricity spot prices are transferred to the MOPS OCT module and key Cost data is being calculated. The Cost information is then available in MOPS and can be combined with any Quality information in PQIS and with any process data in Historian.

MOPS OCT supports the following production processes:

• GROSS and NET Production of board or paper machines (including online coating)
• Offline coating
• Unbleached and bleached pulp production
• Steam generation
• Electricity generation
• ClO2 production