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MOPSsys News


Nov 1, 2020



MOPS OPC UA is a communication application designed to exchange data between OPC UA servers where MOPS Historian can be the data destination or source. This information can be processed and entered into the MOPS Historian database. See How MOPS OPC UA interacts with MOPS Historian for system overview.

OPC UA is the next generation of OPC technology. OPC UA is a more secure, open, reliable mechanism for transferring information between servers and clients. It provides more open transports, better security and a more complete information model than the original OPC, “OPC Classic". OPC UA provides a very flexible and adaptable mechanism for moving data between enterprise-type systems and the kinds of controls, monitoring devices and sensors that interact with real world data.

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In the area of OPC we also are prepared and can support our customer to feed process data up to the cloud.

We have solution available as OPC server for Azur IoT and OPC server for Azure Event HUB