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Our mission is to help pulp and paper mills achieve substantial gains in product quality, efficiency and throughput, environmental stewardship, and customer service, through the skillful application of real-time information throughout their organizations.

According to a recent survey of worldwide pulp and paper mills, the three most important information technology goals for them are:

1. Improve customer service
2. Reduce quality losses
3. Increase productivity

MOPSsys’ reflection of these goals helps us focus on value-added applications for the pulp and paper industry.

1. MOPS improves customer service. Information is shown on paper quality and process conditions by grade, reel, set and roll. This includes all the real-time profile data. When a customer calls about a roll that’s not running well, the mill technical and services representative simply keys in the customer order and all quality data instantly appears, including the scanned profile information. All this is done with the customer on the phone, so that the roll quality attributes can be discussed immediately.

2. MOPS reduces quality losses. Every process start, stop and slowdown deteriorates product quality, many times creating off-spec product. So process operators and engineers continually use MOPS to smooth out the processes, producing far less off-spec paper. And these process improvements go on day after day after day — to the great benefit of the mill and its customers.

3. MOPS increases productivity. The same process and quality improvements described above create higher productivity for the mill. Better process coordination also improves productivity. Everyone sees what’s going on throughout the mill so that a concerted effort can be made to progress forward.