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Run for a change!

May 21, 2021

We want to challenge you to get out and move, for us at MOPSsys working from home and being more isolated has been a reality for over a year, making us lose valuable movement in our bodies and also being apart from each other and from our customers. That is why we want to do this together with you!

Blodomloppet is a health run to support and raise awareness for the need to donate blood and also for the importance of good health. In Sweden we can walk, speed walk or run 5 or 10 km in this race.

Now we challenge all of our customers and our MOPS users to do the same wherever you live! Find a race of your interest or just do it by your self, you do not need to enter an actual race. This about getting out and getting moving, do it by yourself or together with others!

When you have done your challenge send us an email telling us you accepted our challenge, we will need your information to send the giveaway. All participants  will be part of  a raffle of a gym bag. We at MOPSsys will post pictures of the race on our MOPSsys Facebook page and would be glad if you would do the same to get the feeling of coming together.  

Email to madeleine.hoglund@mopssys.com to get your giveaway and participate in the raffle of a gym bag.

This challenge will take place between 1-30 June 2021. After this we will announce the winner of the gym bag.

This is not about donating money or blood but to get out and move.