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Summary of MOPSsys delivery 2019

Dec 18, 2019

MOPSys are greatful to been able to deliver many customer projects along the year 2019. Below you find some of the projects mentioned among many others.


MOPSsys delivery 

  • We are happy to welcome new customer sites in Altri, where we deliver a central MOPS environment for the mills in Celbi, Caima and Celtejo.
  • Alberta-Pacific and Mercer Peace River MOPS have both upgraded their MOPS Lot Tracking (MLT) installation.
  • Crane Currency Tumba have Upgraded the MOPS 4.0 installation.
  • MOPS 4.0 installation have taken place at Mercer Peace River mill, Alberta-Pacific mill and Norske Skog, Boyer/Albury mills.
  • Billerud Korsnäs Gruvön got new functions and training in both Gruvön and Skärblacka.
  • Oji Fibre Solutions-Penrose, Mercer-Peace River and Resolute-Menominee have all upgraded to latest MOPS 14.
  • Holmen have upgraded all mills to latest MOPS 14 version at Workington Mill, Hallsta Mill and Braviken Mill. Workington mill got Autolab integrated to new equipment and on-site training in both MOPS and PQIS.
  • Stora Enso Hylte mill have been active with two new departments added in Hylte. The need for WinMOPS, PQIS and lab functionality have increased. Stora Enso Skutskär mill have integrated LogBook to MOPS 4.0 with notes and start to use MOPS 4.0 as mobile GUI for all users.
  • UPM have upgraded all mills to latest MOPS 14 version.
  • Finally we are pleased to welcome 5 new mills in 4 different European countries. They will use MOPS 4.0 from start and the project roll-out will take place during 2020.

MOPSsys signature Maintenance Agreement

  • The launch of MOPSsys Customer Service Desk portal is now in place.
  • The monthly MOPSsys Signature Maintenance Suite training sessions #1 - #9 have been executed during 2019
  • New routine with MOPSsys Signature Maintenance Suite Ticket Review meetings in place with MOPS Administrators at each mill.