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Data Entry

Data Entry

MOPS Data Entry (MDE) module is a laboratory information management system designed to meet the special sample and data management requirements of a modern paper and pulp mill.

MDE can handle daily procedures such as manual data entry for time-based and reel-based data, environmental data monitoring, electronic logbooks, automatic scanned-process data, and statistical data generation.

On-screen reporting by time period or department, automated logbook functionality, and historical trending are some of its key benefits. MDE is an excellent statistical reporting tool that allows the user to chart lab data and associated statistical values for a given time period.

MDE provides an audit log for traceability of updated and deleted data entry values. ISO qualified mills can count on secure and validated data coming from their MOPS System. It has comprehensive, easy-to-use set of tools that allow you to tune into your lab’s environment, and integrate lab data with scanned-process data or business information. Using WinMOPS graphical utilities, lab data can be analyzed as a time series in historical graphs, tables, SPC charts, or any other WinMOPS display object.