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Production Loss Analysis

Production Loss Analysis

Everyday there are many disturbances in process units in the mill. Keeping track of when these disturbances started, when they stopped, lost production, lost time, and their causes, is typically a manual job for the operator or shift foreman.

MOPS Production Loss Analyzer (PLA) automatically brings the operator continuous information of how his department runs according to target. PLA can calculate Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) that provides benchmarking capability for apples-to-apples comparisons.

PLA automatically records values based on predefined rules per department and time period. Exceptions occur when certain conditions are met. For example, when values are outside product dependent limits, or when a paper machine enters a state such as: stop, setup, sheet break, broke or reduced speed. Reason codes and causing objects can be selected for each exception and signed off by the responsible people in the department.

At a glance, operations can see exactly what’s been down, when it happened, how long it was down, what the reason was and what equipment was involved.

Weekly and monthly reports can be created to summarize the production efficiency over the chosen period relative to target production, along with a list of exceptions and the losses caused. A number of reports can be created, e.g. Pareto chart showing the worst reasons.

Additionally, with PLA‘s unique data structure, it can also be used to monitor quality excursions, environmental emissions, and grade run analysis.