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Services Overview


MOPSsys AB provide services on top of the MOPS product suite to support both Customers and Partners. The Services are divided into Project Services and Support Services. The mindset and drive for MOPSsys is to work close to customers and continuously together with them find the best solution to make the usage of the MOPS system as effective as possible in their daily work.

Project Services is mainly based on delivery projects, well defined and delivered according the project plan. The projects normally include engineering in Integration, Installation, Configuration, Development and Training. All Project Services are executed under total control by using MOPSsys Project Management process Services.

Support Services is a scalable service depending of the customers resource needs. The Services is defined and controlled via a support agreement to ensure customer to fast and easy enjoy professional support when needed. The Support Services also include many communication channels that make it possible for MOPSsys to work close to customers.