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MOPS history goes back to early 1980’s where the first generation of MOPS systems was grown out of various process control system solutions for the pulp and paper industry that previously MoDo Chemetics both developed and delivered mainly to the Nordic and North American market.

The MOPS product suite have since then been developed and productized by different principal owners, AkerKvaerner and Tieto.

In early 2010, via a friendly management buy-out, Eurocon MOPSsys acquired the intellectual property rights from Tieto for the MOPS product at that time named TIPS Info.  Eurocon MOPSsys is now taking the MOPS product suite to the next level and developing the system to its 4th generation.

It is not only the product itself that have been developed during these years, the worldwide penetration of the MOPS market have also been growing from a Nordic/North American market to a global market with installations in 21 different countries.

February 2018, Toronto based Constellation Software Inc. (CSI) acquired 100% of the shares of Eurocon MOPSsys AB (Sweden) and Eurocon MOPSsys Inc. (Canada). Due to the ownership change Eurocon MOPSsys AB and Eurocon MOPSsys Inc. will change name to MOPSsys AB and MOPSsys Inc. MOPSsys will be operating under CSI operating group PERSEUS.


Ex.  Datacolor monitors used in the 80’s and early 90’s.