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MOPS Energy Management System

Energy Management System

MOPS EMS (Energy Management System) is a set of tools and services that allows you to monitor and analyze your current energy balance, and also collect statistics and perform long-term analysis of your energy situation. With EMS you can also extend and refine the overall view of your energy systems, collect statistics over deviations and interruptions that cause lost energy production, to be able to optimize production of e.g. electric energy at mill and decrease unnecessary costs and loss of energy.

MOPS EMS can present “on-line” energy balances with drill-down possibilities, also comparing current situation with a “best” reference period, which increases the awareness for the operator of the current energy situation. A well designed energy balance display helps you make decisions based on facts, and allows you to operate the system more efficient. Do long-term follow-up and energy reporting, e.g. on turbine performance, as a basis for improved control and optimization of the process.

Other EMS related functionality is X-Steam calculations, Performance Value Indicators and Alarm on high electric energy consumption.