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Consulting and Customization

Consulting and Customization

Systems Feasibility and Technical Studies 
We have extensive experience in studying millwide needs and providing recommendations that are objective and performed with excellence.

For example, often the first step for many MOPS customers is doing a requirements study to define the needs of the mill for a system like MOPS. We look at how the mill works today, how data is used, what type of information users would like to see, and what interfaces need to be linked to the MOPS system.

Systems Management Support 
This is a cost-effective way to increase your in-house staff when you need to improve system performance, reliability, or security. You select the exact services you need and the timetable required for performing them. Our experienced specialists perform an in-depth assessment and work with you to fine-tune your MOPS system for maximum return on your investment.

Application Management Services
Under one annual contract and one point of contact via email/call our MOPS support team upon mill users request will perform technical services for minor changes in configuration, displays modification or add new tags with a validation process for approval and track changes done and planned with mill MOPS responsible on agreed regular basis. This MOPS AMS services provide MOPS expert services to support the mill staff in a cost-efficient way with faster and controlled approach to manage the continuous development and changes in the mill process with your MOPS system continuous users development