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Thank you to MOPS Users, Partners, Keynote Speaker and Presenters for a successful MUG 2012 meeting in Vancouver!

Nov 9, 2012


MUG 2012 was opened by Hans Hallin, Eurocon MOPSsys CEO, sharing our values and key success factors: Dialogue with MOPS Users; Partnership to expand MOPS use; and more specifically, working with MOPS Users to drive MOPSDevelopment.  It is a special occasion reminding all of us of the journey made by MOPS over the past 30 years with a rejuvenation story summarized in a video clip.

The keynote address by Dr Antti Kaunonen from Voith gave us excellent insights in the “Future of Automation and IT in the Industry”.  The industry is going through its transformation merging Automation and IT as common data/information is rising for everyone to integrate know-how and expert remote diagnostics. This was reinforced by Peter Johansson’s, Eurocon Engineering CEO, emphasis of efficient ways for engineers to combine the use of MOPS applications and process knowledge.  An important fact stated is that there is a future for the P&P Industry through its transformation with even possible growth as Automation and IT delivers a safe, secure and efficient way to make it happen!

A new release of the MOPS development roadmap and results for MOPS Mobile Platform pilot projects were presented live to give a glance of the new look of MOPS.  Our future version matches upcoming new technology, improves the User Interface, supports mobility and trends, provides more analysis tools and comes with new applications in the pipeline.

The afternoon sessions focused on maximizing the use of existing MOPS systems by sharing MOPS Users’ and Partners’ experiences:

1)      MOPS Energy Management System

2)      Amcor project between partners (MOPSsys, MAJIQ and EPS)

3)      Log Book and Production Loss Analyzer at Al-Pac

4)      MOPS Online Cost Tracking

And many other value added MOPS add-on applications were shared. The day ended with MOPStalks which emphasizes the importance of an open dialogue and MOPS Users’ inputs to drive MOPS development and services further.



Despite the NHL lockout, MOPS Users were still able to relax and enjoy the social function after the meeting!