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New orders and deliveries from Örnsköldsvik and Vancouver offices …

Feb 27, 2015

New deliveries from Eurocon MOPSsys
From Q2 2016

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New deliveries from Eurocon MOPSsys
From Q3 2014 (below)

BillerudKorsnäs Skärblacka

  • Prestudy for improved quality presentation in production lab
  • Various changes in MOPS in connection with change of QCS system for PM9
  • Development of displays and functions for improved quality presentation in product lab
  • Move to new hardware and upgrade of MOPS to version 14.0

BillerudKorsnäs Gruvön

  • Implementation of a new lab device to Autolab
  • Changes in viewing of status for defect rolls on a tambour
  • Communication link to Web Inspection System for PM6 

Celgar Pulp Castlegar, BC Canada

  • Upgraded MOPS server to Virtual server environment.
  • Entered a training and workshop program to improve mill MOPS users experience.

Crane Currency

  • New web based HMI for presentation of sheet defect categories and data
  • Various changes in existing programs to adapt to new HMI
  • MOPS SMS services to be performed onsite two days per month

Daishowa Peace River Pulp, AB Canada

  • Implemented MOPS Matlab plug-in.
  • Completed with Eurocon Engineering Senior process expert: DMI Digester advanced controls on their existing DCS.

Holmen Paper Hallsta

  • MOPS Link OPC
  • Monitoring tools in MOPS PSA checking unreasonable values in the input data

Holmen Paper Braviken

  • Move to new hardware and upgrade of MOPS
  • Implementation of Roll Classification
  • Roll Classification, handling of spliced sets in roll machine
  • Roll Classification, installation of various site objects
  • Prestudy on application support for wood handling

Holmen Paper Madrid

  • Training in Excel Add-in
  • Move to new hardware and upgrade of MOPS to version 14.0

Howe Sound Pulp and Paper Port Mellon, BC Canada

  • Migrated RDE reports Email configuration and implemented Trend charts.

Iggesund Paperboard Workington

  • Move to new hardware and upgrade of MOPS to version 14.0
  • Implementation of new properties in Autolab

Kapstone Packaging North Charleston, SC USA

  • Added Autoline Lab properties to MOPS.

Metsä Board Husum

  • Additional functions in communication link to Pulp Expert automatic pulp laboratory
  • Training in MOPS Calculation Handler
  • A function for blocking locations for loading in BQIS Warehouse

Millar Western Pulp division Whitecourt, AB Canada

  • Upgraded to MOPS 14.0 with new WinMOPS GUI.
  • Implementing MOPS Grade Run Management system

Ranger Board Blue Ridge, AB Canada

  • Implemented MOPS Logbook/PLA for the complete MDF Plant

Resolutefp Fairmont Pulp, WV USA

  • MOPS system introduction training via webinar sessions specifically design for their mill MOPS system.

Slave Lake Pulp in Alberta Canada 

  • Added to existing MOPS, new installation for DIA-NE project
  • Added to existing MOPS, tags for new effluent process area and for DCS upgrade

Smurfit Kappa Kraftliner Piteå

  • Info displays showing production data via MOPS Mobile
  • Optimization of set diameters
  • Production reporting

Stora Enso Pulp Skutskär

  • OPC link for transferring of data from ABB Server TBF to MOPS
  • Move to new hardware and upgrade of MOPS to version 14.0
  • MOPS Link Merlin for transferring of data Wood Yard system to MOPS
  • Implementation of an interface between MOPS LogBook and Stora Enso SAP system

Stora Enso Skoghall

  • Production reports PLA for Forshaga Mill

Svenska Försäkringsfabriken

  • Workshop on energy balances and consumption

MOPSsys MUG 2014 Edmonton. AB Canada

  • MOPS user’s training at NAIT with 18 participants during MUG 2014 Edmonton, AB CANADA