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MOPSsys Canada and ANZ most recent orders and deliveries ...

Mar 10, 2017

New deliveries from Eurocon MOPSsys Inc


  • MOPS Gradebook application enhancements have been implemented to improved PQIS users experience.


  • Add-on of new communication links to MOPS systems with new MOPS OPC link installation at DMI, Celgar Pulp and OJI Fibre Solution for new Analyzer and QCS systems.

  • MOPS Server Upgrade to latest version MOPS 14.0 continues: with Slave Lake Pulp, Celgar Pulp, DMI and Alpac mills in Canada lately. 

  • Local MOPS Users training hosted by ANC Alberta Newsprint December 5-6 2016, with record participation of 24 attendees from local mills in Alberta and even from Saskatchewan CANADA. MOPS users had introduction to WinMOPS 14, new WinMOPS advanced capabilities with templates example and many of new components functions improving MOPS users’ experience as creation of ‘My Dashboard’ in WinMOPS. 


  • Next mill looking forward to host MOPS user Training for this Spring 2017 Celgar Pulp in Castlegar, BC Canada. Stay tune for more info by email and on MOPSsys website for dates in April.  

Celgar Pulp, BC Canada

  • MOPS Logbook PLA (Production Loss Analyzer) continue extending implementation to new areas of the mill part of MOPS AMS agreement at Celgar Pulp in BC Canada with further enhancements in PLA reporting functions.


  • WinMOPS advanced Displays users’ improvements at Celgar Pulp in BC Canada part of MOPS AMS agreement: increase operation awareness against production targets and limits and improved analysis by comparing different time period of operation against each other’s. 


Alberta Pacific Pulp mill in Alberta Canada

  • MOPS MLT (Mill Lot Tracking) enhancements to pulp mill operations for continuous improvements at Alberta Pacific Pulp mill in Alberta Canada eg. Bill of Lading for trucker and Loader Info on Large Screen on the floor.

Alberta Newsprint in Alberta Canada

  • MOPS Trial Run performance Tracking add-on application was set for testing at ANC Alberta Newsprint in Canada.

Millar Western Whitecourt, AB Canada

  • MOPS OPC Collector at Millar Western Whitecourt, AB Canada, reallocating MOPS OPC communication in straddle network environment between Business LAN and Process Control Network PCN for improved security and reliability of data collection to MOPS historian at the mill.

Ranger Board Blue Ridge, AB Canada

  • MOPS to Maximo Interface for Predictive Maintenance metering at West Fraser Ranger Board MDF Plant in Blue Ridge Alberta. PM metering of equipment in use and monitoring using calculated MOPS tags plant operation or process.

Norske Skog Boyer Tasmania, Australia

  • New MOPS Implementation Detailed functional Specification was realized in Norske Skog Boyer Tasmania, Australia.