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MOPSsys at PIMA IT Symposium, PaperCon conference in Cincinnatti

May 26, 2016

MOPSsys participated actively to chair the session and present for the PIMA IT Symposium at this year PaperCon conference in Cincinnatti. It was a success with a good audience despite being on the last day of the conference.

The panel and presenter for this session attracted a lot of interest and many questions were asked for the following presentations and participants:

  • Carl-Fredrik Hammarqvist Head of Application from Holmen IT Sweden: “Future IT at Paper mill”
  • Christophe DesLandes previously CIO of Kapstone Paper “Cloud Computing for Pulp and Paper Mills”
  • Timo Arra COO Eurocon MOPSsys Inc “Prediction and Simulation Analysis at Paper mill”

Many thanks especially to Carl Fredrik and Christophe for their great insight and views about the future of IT at Pulp and Paper mills. Giving the audience a very good understanding of the challenge of change coming with Digital Revolution and Generation shift for the industry.

Do not hesitate to contact us at MOPSsys to discuss these challenges and be prepared.