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MOPS most recent business news March 2013

Mar 21, 2013

• UPM Blandin has ordered MOPS upgrade and transition to new server environment.
• Smurfit Kappa Kraftliner has ordered training in WinMOPS Display Building.
• West Fraser Ranger Board Blue Ridge has ordered and completed Quality Control program modifications.
• Iggesund Paperboard Workington has ordered a function for point wise calculations of lab profile values.
• Zellstoff Celgar has ordered and completed in March MOPS upgrade for Windows 7 / 64 bits support and updated the DCS link to OPC Server.
• Metsä Board Husum has ordered changes in their Bale Quality Information System (BQIS) for adaptation to Metsä Corporations way of handling bales. Bale and Unit format will be changed, Production Lot numbering on units will be used and the bale tracking system will be extended to the warehouse.
• NorskeSkog Albury has ordered an email process to send inventory data to external suppliers on a periodic basis and out of limits manual entry data to warn of compliance issues.
• Metsä Board Husum has ordered a prestudy for specification of an Energy Management System for keeping track of steam consumption in the mill. The study will be performed together with advanced engineering specialist from Eurocon Engineering AB.
• Zellstoff Celgar has ordered and completed OEE implementation and reporting in Production Loss Analyzer (PLA), for Utilities department.