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MOPSsys News

MOPS most recent business news January 2013

Mar 21, 2013

• Bosch Rexroth has ordered an alarm handling on MOPS tag level to be implemented in their pilot system for monitoring of hydraulic drive systems.
• Alberta Pacific Forest Products has ordered services for addition for Production Loss Analyzer (PLA) Venting and additional reports for Lot Tracking.
• Stora Enso Skutskär has ordered training in WinMOPS Display Building and MOPS Configuration and Administration.
• DMI Peace River Pulp Division has ordered and completed an evaluation study for Fiberline with Eurocon MOPSsys and Eurocon Engineering with an output for a 3 years improvement plan in Fiberline operation, controls and Energy management monitoring in MOPS.
• Metsä board Husum has ordered changes and adaptations to some Paper and Bale Quality Information Systems (PQIS / BQIS) reports.
• Kapstone Paper North Charleston has ordered and completed MOPS Upgrade and migration to new server running Windows Server 2008 R2 (64 bits), new additional Autoline properties to PQIS and integration services to support Elixir’s migration to new server.
• Stora Enso Nymölla has ordered training in MOPS Data Entry (MDE) and Paper Quality Information System (PQIS) configuration Tool along with Excel Add-in training.
• Millar Western Whitecourt has order MOPS advance User Training on-site and AESO interface service to track online Alberta Electricity System Operator Price, Supply and Demand in MOPS historian.
• Holmen Corporation has order a Paper Defect CD Distribution Display to be used at Hallsta, Braviken, Madrid and Workington Mills. The display presents the CD distribution for collected paper defects for selected Jumbo Reels.