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Eurocon MOPSsys and MAJIQ Value Added Reseller Agreement

Sep 20, 2010

Press Release, 2010-09-20

Eurocon MOPSsys AB with its subsidiary Eurocon MOPSsys Inc. (“MOPSsys”) and MAJIQ Inc. (“MAJIQ”) are pleased to announce that they have signed a Value Added Reseller and Subcontracting Teaming Agreement whereby MAJIQ will provide the services and software products of both companies to pulp and paper customers. This permits customers to obtain the business logistics and manufacturing management solutions provided by MAJIQ along with the real-time process operations and quality solutions provided by MOPSsys from one single service provider, MAJIQ. MAJIQ will act as prime contractor to the customer for delivery of its own products, Elixir® and PTMS, along with MOPSsys’ products and services.

MAJIQ develops, implements and supports the Elixir® product for the Sales Order Processing (SOP) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) needs of pulp and paper manufacturing and converting companies, and the PTMS product for the Sales Order Processing and Manufacturing Execution Systems needs of pulp manufacturers.

MOPSsys develops, implements and supports a product called MOPSTM providing a variety of real-time process management visualization and optimization tools for pulp mills and paper mills. This agreement will provide integrated functionality and simplicity for customers to improve their performance and cost effectiveness in mill operations.

MAJIQ Inc. (“MAJIQ”), a subsidiary of Constellation Software Inc, is an international provider of proven market-leading SOP and MES software and services to the pulp & paper manufacturing industry. Based in Redmond, WA, USA, MAJIQ installs and supports vertically focused software systems around the world including sales order processing systems and manufacturing execution systems.

Eurocon MOPSsys AB with its subsidiary Eurocon MOPSsys Inc. (”MOPSsys”) provides software applications and consulting services primarily focused on customers within the pulp and paper sector. MOPSsys will, in close cooperation with its customers, further dev elop the quality on its services and products which will improve the profitability of its customers. Main MOPS applications include real time process information system and quality modules plus many other added value applications. MOPSsys has offices in Ornskoldsvik and Storuman, Sweden and Vancouver, Canada.

For further information, please contact:

Steve Latham, President, MAJIQ Inc., +1 425 881 7100, steve.latham@majiq.com Hans Hallin, CEO, Eurocon MOPSsys AB, +46 660 266 231, hans.hallin@mopssys.com