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Welcome to MOPSsys We help pulp and paper mills achieve substantial gains

MOPS™, the product suite for pulp and paper is Eurocon MOPSsys’ Process Information Management and Quality Management Systems that enable the integration of all mill information systems.

Recent news

  • New deliveries from Eurocon MOPSsys Inc   MOPS Gradebook application enhancements have been implemented to improved PQIS users experience. Add-on of new communication links to MOPS systems with new MOPS OPC link installation at DMI, Celgar Pulp and OJI Fibre Solution for new Analyzer and QCS systems. MOPS Server Upgrade to latest version MOPS 14.0 continues: with Slave Lake Pulp, Celgar Pul... READ MORE
  • New deliveries from Eurocon MOPSsys AB   BillerudKorsnäs Sweden AB – Gruvön Mill Communication link between L&W Curl/Twist measurement equipment and MOPS Training in WinMOPS display building Upgrade of MOPS and PQIS to version 14.0 Modifications in quality presentation displays, show average Implementation of an auto sign function in the Autolab module Holmen IT – Hallstavik Paper Mill On-l... READ MORE
  • North American MOPS Users Group was excited about MOPS Future, MOPS applications and MOPS 4.0 at MUG 2016 seminar in Vancouver Downtown. Key Note Speaker Carl-Fredrik Hammarqvist by webinar gave an excellent outlook of challenges and views about Digital Revolution Industry 4.0 in Holmen Group Paper mills. Carl-Fredrik said: “There will be an overflow of data from all sorts of sources and to be a... READ MORE
  • MUG 2016 MOPS Advanced Users Training in Vancouver, BC Canada, participants enjoyed the improved advanced training format with more hands on exercises and focusing on improving MOPS users experience with basic and advanced components. Combining the training with MUG 2016 seminar, we had the  opportunity to have workshop and training done by various trainers including our overseas experienced seni... READ MORE
  • We are pleased to welcome our latest addition to our MOPS team in Vancouver, BC Canada: Roscef Ramos, a young graduate from BCIT Computer Systems Technology Diploma program. After two successful Coop terms and part-time employment within MOPSsys during his studies, he accepted a full time position as System Analyst with MOPSsys for main development objective to participate and transfer technology... READ MORE

    Jul 4, 2016
    Registration to MUG 2016 Seminar and/or MOPS Advanced User Training is now open: Please fill in the below form, select the appropriate boxes (1 and/or 2) and click “Register” button to complete your registration. Registration to Day 1 is FREE (Must have an active MOPS Annual support customer agreement in place) Registration to Day 2 & 3 is $1,560/Participant (MOPS Advanced Users Training). A... READ MORE