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PaperCon 2016

Mar 23, 2016

Join MOPSsys leading a panel discussion at PaperCon 2016 on “Digital Revolution: Pulp and Paper Mill of the future” with MOPS users views on Wednesday May 18 at 1.30 pm in Cincinnati, OH USA: visit PIMA program/it-mill-of-the-future for details.


  1. Mike Harwood – Mill IT manager – Zellstoff Celgar Pulp mill in BC: “IT to Evolve as Integral Part of Strategic Business Planning and Mill Operations"
  2. Carl-Fredrik Hammarqvist – Holmen Group IT application ERP/MES Manager: “Future IT at Paper Mill”
  3. Christophe DesLandes – “Cloud Computing for Pulp and Paper Mills”   
  4. Timo Arra, Eurocon MOPSsys – Predictive Simulation Analysis