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PACWEST Conference 2013 – MOPS PLA/Logbook at Al-Pac …

Dec 8, 2013

Eurocon MOPSsys participated actively to Pulp and Paper Industry conference in Western Canada on reliability, maintenance and how to make the best of what you have.

Timo ARRA, COO of Eurocon MOPSsys inc, discussed at the conference, the production loss analyser and electronic logbook in use at Alberta Pacific Pulp mill. Al-Pac uses the system proactively and on a continuous basis.

Efficient operations are using Production Loss Analyzer to improve the mill’s ability to diagnose process disturbances and prevent them from re-occurring. Tracking loss time, quality and performance/tonnage by associating reason and causing object offer valuables added data that combine with grade and run information give relevant statistics and analysis for Overall Equipment Efficiency.  As stated by the mill: “With some effort and a bit of money, we were able to reduce our losses by 78% (hundreds of thousands of dollars) in 2010. Without PLA, we no doubt would have overlooked this opportunity, and would not have been able to secure funding for improvements.”