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MOPSsys News

Orders and deliveries Q4/2015 - Q1/2016 ….

Mar 8, 2016

New deliveries from Eurocon MOPSsys
From Q2 2016

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New deliveries from Eurocon MOPSsys
From Q2 2015 (below)

North America and ANZ deliveries Q4/2015 - Q1/2016 …

  • Have upgraded several of MOPS supported sites (7) in NA and ANZ to latest MOPS 14.0 Client and/or Server.  
  • MOPS AMS agreement have been adopted by many customers as annual Application Management Services. These defined block of hours in advance for prompt response to mill continuous improvement plan demanding many small configuration or changes. In 2015, NSA Albury, Australia; Ranger Board Blue Ridge, AB Canada; West Fraser Slave Lake, AB Canada; ResoluteFP Fairmont, WV USA; Celgar Pulp, BC Canada and Kapstone Kraft Charleston, SC USA have renewed or taking in use MOPS AMS services.
  • Expanded MOPS data collection at many sites adding MOPS OPC-link for new system interfaces and/or added OPC servers to collect data from PLC with standard OPC protocol.

Celgar Pulp, BC Canada

  • Reviewed and started a re-implementation of their MOPS PLA with add-on of MOPS Logbook Millwide application to comply with Management operation targets and KPI measurements for the entire mill to focus on Manufacturing Excellence and Reliability initiatives.

Ranger Board Blue Ridge, AB Canada

  • MDF Plant in Blue Ridge added MOPS A&E alarms and events application collecting all alarms from their control system for statistical analysis of most recurring alarms and events at the plant.

AlPac Boyle, DMI Peace River in AB, Canada  and CHH PenroseNZ

  • Added MOPS X-Steam table calculation to their MOPS system

DMI Peace River, AB Canada

  • Add-on MOPS PVI Performance Value Indicator display components to improve monitoring versus selected historical reference period in MOPS historian.

Millar Western Whitecourt, AB Canada

  • Extended their MOPS system for the new addition of BEP effluent plant at their site.

ANC Whitecourt, AB Canada

  • To improve and ease of mill users Grade Management at the paper mill; added MOPS Gradebook at existing PQIS.

MOPS Advanced User Training in Burnaby, BC CANADA 

  • Classroom sessions of MOPS Advanced User training have taken place in Burnaby, BC in Sept 2015 and Feb 2016. We are looking to schedule the next classroom training for MOPS Users in October 2016 in Vancouver, BC Canada Area again.  


European deliveries Q4/2015 - Q1/2016 ...

BillerudKorsnäs Sweden AB, Gruvön Mill

  • Communication link to Particle Analyzer

BillerudKorsnäs Sweden AB, Skärblacka Mill

  • Histogram displays in WinMOPS 
  • Communication link to Valmet Web Inspection System for PM8
  • MOPS 14.0 upgrade
  • Training in WinMOPS 14.0 display building 

Crane AB

  • Control diagrams in WinMOPS for monitoring of pulp quality properties
  • Move to new server and upgrade of MOPS/PQIS to version 14.0
  • Implementation of real-time trend in new web based HMI, MOPS 4.0

Domsjö Fabriker AB

  • WinMOPS displays for energy follow up and reporting
  • Move to new server and upgrade of MOPS/BQIS to version 14.0

Holmen IT

  • Implementation of Incoming Wood Supply System MOPS 4.0 at Braviken Mill
  • Implementation of new function "Causing Location" in classification module at Iggesund Paperboard Mill

Metsä Board Sverige AB, Husum Mill

  • Engineering services on site for energy consumption and forecast reporting
  • Changes and test of messages between MOPS and TIPS for board production conversion
  • Communication links to Pulp Expert measuring equipment in pulp line
  • Configuration changes in MOPS/PQIS for board production conversion on KM1 and KM2
  • Communication links to Autoline 400 for KM1 and KM2
  • Communication links to Cognex Web Inspection Systems for KM1 and KM2
  • User training BQIS and update of existing user manual for BQIS
  • Additions and changes in MOPS BQIS and Bale Tracking System

Smurfit Kappa Kraftliner

  • Training sessions for configuration and administration of MOPS and WinMOPS
  • Additions and changes in production reporting and classification module

Stora Enso Paper AB, Hylte Mill

  • Training in WinMOPS 14.0 display building 
  • Move to new server and upgrade of MOPS/PQIS to version 14.0

Stora Enso Paper AB, Nymölla Mill

  • Move to new server and upgrade of MOPS/PQIS to version 14.0

Stora Enso Pulp AB, Skutskär Mill

  • OPC communication link from power and recovery department to MOPS
  • Training in WinMOPS 14.0 display building 

Stora Enso Skoghall AB

  • New OPC links and transfer of profile data from Forshaga Mill to MOPS system in Skoghall
  • Training in WinMOPS 14.0 display building