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MOPSsys News

New orders and deliveries – A busy fall for our offices in Örnsköldsvik and Vancouver …

Dec 5, 2013

• Metsä Board Husum Mills has ordered:
• File communication link for transferring and summarizing of defect data from PQV
  equipment into MOPS
• Training in WinMOPS display building
• Implementation of energy and steam calculations in MOPS
• WinMOPS/BQIS display adjusted for use in warehouse truck PC’s
• File communication link for transferring of quality data from Pulp Expert lab
  equipment into MOPS/BQIS
• Implementation of a power guard function in MOPS for monitoring of purchased
  electrical power

• Zellstoff Celgar ordered MOPS Value Indicators and customer alarm functions

• Smurfit Kappa Kraftliner Piteå has ordered:
• Implementation of a  function in the classification module for automatic suggestion
  on upgrading of reel to alternative quality
• OPC communication link for transferring of data from PM2 and Power plant into
• OPC communication link for transferring of data from Winders and Shipping Scales
  into MOPS
• Implementation of a function in the classification module for prediction of tambour

• Alberta Newsprint implemented Defect with existing PQIS Reel Image and adding
  interface to their Cognex system.

• Holmen  Paper Madrid AB has ordered:
• OPC communication links for transferring of data from Sorting Plant into MOPS
• Implementation of MOPS Multivariate Analysis (MVA) off-line

• Meadow Lake Pulp are adding MOPS Logbbok and PLA and upgrading their
  MOPS system.

• Holmen Paper Hallsta AB has ordered:
• A pilot system for prediction of pulp tower level for evaluation of a “Future way of
  running the mill”
• MOPS PSA for prediction and simulation of pulp, water and energy/steam balances
  of the production lines 11 and 12
• MOPS upgrade with move to new server

• Millar Western Whitecourt implemented for power management interface to
  AdAMS @ Alberta Electric System Operator

• Metso Automation OY has ordered additional services for phase 2 of their Skoghall
  KM8 QCS delivery as regards to data transfer into MOPS

• Resolute Forest Products Fairmont Pulp upgraded their MOPS System

• BillerudKorsnäs Gruvön AB has ordered a function for viewing of Defect Status for
  Rolls in Reel Data Display

• Alberta Pacific made enhancement to their MOPS Lot Tracking and improved
  reporting with Logbook PLA.

• BillerudKorsnäs Skärblacka AB has ordered a engineering services for
  establishing an OPC communication to their Power Monitoring system for
  transferring of data into MOPS

• West Fraser Ranger Board implemented in MOPS custom Recipe Handling for
  iFix system.

• Stora Enso Skutskär AB has ordered an OPCHDA server to enable Wedge
  system to access data from MOPS

• Altri Celbi has ordered MOPS upgrade with move to new server

• Iggesund Paperboard Workington has ordered an OPC link for transfer of data
  from Coating and Chemical area into MOPS