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MOPSsys News

New developers in the MOPS team ….

Mar 8, 2016

We would like to welcome Ben Yuen to our developer team. Ben will focus on MOPS 4.0 development in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. Ben is a 26 year old Bachelor in Computer Science and graduated 2011 at Chalmers University of Technology. Welcome Ben!



We also welcome Moa Samuelsson as a Treinee in the MOPS 4.0 development team. Moa is a 24 year old student from Gothenburg. Moa is doing her last year for a M.Sc. at Chalmers University of Technology and studying among other things Engineering Mathematics and Computational Science. Moa will work remotely approx. 25% of her time during her last two semesters with development of MOPS 4.0. Moa will also do her master thesis in a MOPS project called “Detecting anomalies in time series data”Welcome Moa!



MOPS 4.0 is MOPSsys next generation of MOPS system that is developed to meet the future demands that the fourth industry revolution (Industry 4.0) sets on the market. Except Internet of Things (IoT) will Cloud Computing, Big Data and further expansion of Mobility have a big effect on the process industry.