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MOPSsys takes over operations of TIPS Info system

Mar 1, 2010

Press Release, 2010-03-01

A new company, EUROCON MOPSsys, takes over operations of the TIPS Info/ MOPS system from Tieto. TIPS Info/MOPS, a suite of software modules for process data collection and analysis primarily in the paper and pulp industry, was transferred to EUROCON MOPSsys’ product catalogue on March 1st 2010. The new product name will be MOPS.

Today, the MOPS system is a strategic part of the total quality management in hundreds of factories in Canada, USA, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and China. EUROCON MOPSsys intends to continue delivering their world high class solutions to all companies presently using the system.

Tieto will remain the most important client as the companies have agreed upon continued cooperation for the next five years. The agreement contains a value added reseller agreement as well as a subcontracting agreement between Tieto and EUROCON MOPSsys which will be an important factor for the continued development of the product.

Today, EUROCON MOPSsys has 16 employees and, since the product is already established, the company will run a dependable business with a substantial portfolio of customers. The company is owned by its CEO Hans Hallin (51%), Eurocon Consulting AB (30%) and the employees of the company (19%). The collaboration between Tieto and Eurocon Consulting will be an important foundation for further growth of EUROCON MOPSsys, and will assure the future for MOPS and customers installations as well as employees.

“We, in this new company will concentrate our resources to further develop the MOPS prod- uct which we are sure that our customers will welcome and participate actively in. The passion and expertise of our people will pursue our world class software for increased customer productivity and saving customers’ money”, said Hans Hallin, CEO of EUROCON MOPSsys.

EUROCON MOPSsys has headquarters and offices in Örnsköldsvik and Storuman, Sweden, with an affiliate in Vancouver, Canada.

For further information, please contact: Hans Hallin, CEO MOPSsys, +4670 641 11 39, hans.hallin@mopssys.com