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Mar 10, 2017

New deliveries from Eurocon MOPSsys AB


BillerudKorsnäs Sweden AB – Gruvön Mill

  • Communication link between L&W Curl/Twist measurement equipment and MOPS
  • Training in WinMOPS display building
  • Upgrade of MOPS and PQIS to version 14.0
  • Modifications in quality presentation displays, show average
  • Implementation of an auto sign function in the Autolab module

Holmen IT – Hallstavik Paper Mill

  • On-line Cost Tracking per tambour (OCT)
  • Communication link between OptiTopo measurement equipment and MOPS

Holmen IT – Braviken Paper MIll

  • Communication link between OptiTopo measurement equipment and MOPS

Holmen IT –

  • Application (AMS) and Development (ADS) Management Service
  • AMS an ADS workshops
  • Cooperation and development projects

Metsä Board Sweden – Husum Mill

  • Implementation of calculations for coater profiles
  • Functional changes for the auto classification function in MOPS BQIS
  • Reorganizing of Prodlot numbers series in MOPS BQIS
  • Transfer of quality specifications from TIPS to MOPS PQIS
  • Implementation of reference to master equipment sheet in MOPS Instrument Calibration Control

Smurfit Kappa Piteå

  • Modifications and new functionality in communication link between MOPS LogBook and Idhammar maintenance system
  • Various modifications and new functionality in PQIS Classification module
  • Training in WinMOPS display building
  • Prestudy for specification and design of an Excel report for machine capacity

Stora Enso Pulp – Skoghall Mill

  • OPC communication link between Siemens S7 on PM8 and MOPS

Stora Enso Pulp – Skutskär Mill

  • Move to new server and upgrade of MOPS Mobile to version 2.0

BillerudKorsnäs Sweden AB – Skärblacka Mill

  • Reinstallation of messages handling between Bond and MOPS
  • Implementation of new defect classification properties for PM7 and PM8

Metsä Board Kemi Board Mill (Tieto)

  • Workshop in MOPS configuration and WinMOPS display building.