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MOPS start-up at Amcor Australasia Petrie mill …

Aug 16, 2011

Vancouver, Canada 2011-08-15.


Amcor Australasia (“Amcor”) has successfully gone live on August 1, 2011 at their Petrie mill operation with Eurocon MOPSsys’ MOPS/PQIS system. Next deliverable phase is implementation of MOPS Production Loss Analysis, Log Book, and Machine Equipment Tracking modules in the next several months.

At Petrie, MOPS is used as a mill wide real time information system collecting data from many data sources including Honeywell Alcont, Honeywell Measurex, Alarms & Events, manual data entry, spreadsheets, etc.  The Paper Quality Information System (PQIS) is integrated and gathers production quality data to be passed on to Eurocon MOPSsys partner in North America and Australasia, MAJIQ Inc’s Elixir Manufacturing Execution System.