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MOPS Raw material tracking (RMT)

Feb 27, 2015

MOPS Raw Material Tracking keep track of Raw materials entered into production, i.e entry time and entry point for each lot. Total amount currently in feeding & production buffers for each Raw Material Type are monitored. Raw Material Lots used at Paper Machine can be “backtracked” to their entry points and their entry times - this Lot info can then be connected to machine reel, keeping track of what raw material has been used for the produced paper. MOPS Raw Material Tracking can also be used as a support decision tool on when to change Raw material quality and dosage, based on production plan and current amount in feeding & production buffers.

Raw Material Tracking

  • Keep track of Raw material lots in storage
  • Allows additional data entry connected to RM lots, e.g. quality control lab tests 
  • Keep track of each Raw material type, amount in storage
  • Keep track of Raw material entered into production, e.g. amount in production buffers
  • Support decision on when to change Raw material type or dosage, based on PM production plan and amount in production buffers
  • Raw Material Entry into production – keeps track of entry point and entry time
  • Tracking of Raw Material used for Machine reel (Jumbo).

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