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Eurocon MOPSsys AB signed 3-year support agreements with Holmen and Stora Enso Sweden

Jan 3, 2011

Press Release, 2011-01-31

Eurocon MOPSsys AB has signed 3-year agreements for MOPS product services with Holmen and Stora Enso, Sweden valid from 2011-01- 01. These agreements will affect 4 mills within Holmen and 4 mills within Stora Enso, Sweden.

Eurocon MOPSsys AB will together with these customers increase the usage of MOPS (a Process Information System) and the related paper making software applications within all mills. The agreements and collaboration between the mills in each group will make it possible to find synergies to increase productivity based on MOPS solutions.

Eurocon MOPSsys AB (”MOPSsys”) provides software applications and consulting services primarily focused on customers within the pulp and paper sector. MOPSsys will, in close cooperation with its customers, further develop the quality on its services and products which will improve the profitability of its customers. Main MOPS applications include real time process information system and quality modules plus many other added value applications. MOPSsys has offices in Ornskoldsvik and Storuman, Sweden and Vancouver, Canada.

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Hans Hallin, CEO, Eurocon MOPSsys AB, +46 660 266231, hans.hallin@mopssys.com Tomas Sandin, Sales, Eurocon MOPSsys AB, +46 660 266233, tomas.sandin@mopssys.com

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