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MOPSsys News

2016 North American MOPS User Group Seminar

Oct 7, 2016


North American MOPS Users Group was excited about MOPS Future, MOPS applications and MOPS 4.0 at MUG 2016 seminar in Vancouver Downtown.

Key Note Speaker Carl-Fredrik Hammarqvist by webinar gave an excellent outlook of challenges and views about Digital Revolution Industry 4.0 in Holmen Group Paper mills. Carl-Fredrik said: “There will be an overflow of data from all sorts of sources and to be able to handle this data and turn it into useful information will be the key to success… Information and information technology will become a business enabler instead of a business support.”


These are some of the feedbacks of the MUG 2016 participants: “Best looking version to date!” “Like to see how others use MOPS applications” “Would like to have more mills presenting” “Great program, well done!”.

Thank you all presenters and participants for a great day of sharing MOPS experiences!