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MOPS Mobile Platform

MOPS Mobile Platform

- Enables reporting on mobile devices.

Increase your efficiency by reaching vital data anytime, anywhere
– go mobile!

Make your team efficient with mobile access to your process and business data anytime, anywhere. The mobile platform enables capability to monitor real time values on-the-go without returning to office or control room. This MOPSsys platform encapsulates all technical issues regarding security, access rights to data and functions, support for many of today's popular phone models, OS versions, and browsers via fall-back technique.
A toolbox is also available for customers with development resources.  This toolbox allows advanced customers to easily create and publish their customized business needs and functionalities.

The MOPS mobile platform ensures:

• Security and flexible access rights for your process and production data inside/outside the mill network.
• Support for popular mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets.  And all kind of browsers for workstations.
• Access to functionality in a fast changing environment of devices and their OS versions.
• Fast and secure full duplex communication to the system from your device.
• Access to trend analysis tools to follow your process in real-time.
• Easy access to up-to-date reporting based on your process and production data.
• Development option to create and publish any customized mobile functionality by using toolbox provided.




• Provide selected real-time data to any level in your organization, anytime and everywhere.
• The product ensure long-term compatibility and support for OS versions and types of devices over time.
• Concentrate on developing and provide your staff with business critical and effective functionality to be even more competitive.
• Take benefits from what other MOPS customers have developed and published, via implemented functionality into the product or via user groups sharing sessions.
• A well-defined toolbox gives customers own developers an opportunity to easily create new business functionality on top of existing data.

Key functions and features

The MOPS Mobile Platform increases access to your process data or data from other integrated systems. The MOPS mobile link server provides mobile applications with replicated or online data whenever needed. Access rights, published trend definitions and process displays are all configured from the inside of your MOPS system.

All available sensors in the mobile device can be used to create efficient tools and functions for employees in all positions in the mill. The MOPS mobile platform ensure long up-time by low energy consuming technique for running apps.

With MOPS Mobile you can integrate all business- and process related data and functions in your device to one menu.





Example of customized mobile functionality, some based on built-in sensors, that can be published by using the platform:

• Process overview (process displays) to follow production and exceptions and take proactive actions to increase efficiency.
• In combination with analyses of trended data, also configure alarm limits and receive alarms/ notifications when exceeded.
• Publish quality data to end-customers or sales staff by using bar-code reader
• Publish production reports to management.
• Easy entering on-the-go, process related notes and issues to be follow up. Attach location, photo, sound etc.
• Easy to follow on-line reporting of chemical, pulp and energy levels on the go.
• Always enable critical detailed information for maintenance staff to reduce down-time.
• Enable use device technique like position, camera, sound etc to make your staff more efficient in their work

Imagine these possibilities opening up for you to create a competitive edge to your business.